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I hereby accepted and agreed that, the information and particulars given by me in this information form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, I am aware that ministry of Micro small medium enterprises has not authorized/appointed this portal/website (eudyogaadhaar.com) to provide us registration and this site is owned and operated by professional experts, also I hereby accepted and agreed to all the terms and conditions of eudyogaadhaar.com, also I am aware that, above form is not actual registration form and it is just a information collection form for private experts to understand my business and register my business properly on Govt website. I hereby authorize eudyogaadhaar.com or its staff to process my application with government website, further also I am aware that, Ministry of MSME not charge any fees for providing MSME/Udyam registration certificate and eudyogaadhaar.com charge the consultancy/professional fee to proceed with my application on my behalf. And the fees/amount paid by me is professional/ consultancy fees and not a Govt. registration fees.

It is hereby declared that, applicant can register on its own behalf on Govt. website if they don’t want to avail the consultancy services.


1.Name of Applicant: Fill name of Applicant as mentioned on the Aadhaar Card."आधार कार्ड में उल्लिखित आवेदक का नाम भरें।"

2.Social Category: Select the Social Category of applicant from the given options."आवेदक की सामाजिक श्रेणी का चयन करें।"

3.Name of Enterprise / Business: Fill the name of Business / Enterprise which will get printed on MSME Certificate."यहां अपने व्यवसाय के नाम का उल्लेख करें। यह नाम MSME प्रमाणपत्र पर मुद्रित किया जाएगा।"

4.Type of Organization: Select the type of organization from the given options which will get printed on MSME Certificate.
"दिए गए विकल्पों में से संगठन के प्रकार का चयन करें।"

5.PAN: Fill 10 Digit PAN Number in case of Limited Liability Partnership / Co-operative / Private Limited / Public Limited. PAN Number is optional in case of Proprietorship Firm / Hindu Undivided Family / Partnership Firm / Self Help Group "यहां बिजनेस पैन का उल्लेख करें। प्रोप्राइटरशिप के मामले में प्रोप्राइटर का पैन उल्लेख करें।"

6.Office Address : Please provide office address, if address other than plant location."दिए गए क्षेत्रों में ठीक से आधिकारिक पता लिखे |"

7.Mobile No : Fill the correct Mobile Number of Applicant."आवेदक का सही मोबाइल नंबर यहां लिखें। "

8.Mail ID : Fill the correct Mail ID of Applicant. "यहां अपनी सही ईमेल आईडी का उल्लेख करें।"

9.Date of Commencement of Business : Fill the date of Commencement of Business which will get printed on MSME Certificate. "व्यवसाय शुरू करने की तारीख का उल्लेख यहां करें।"

10.Bank Account Number : Fill the Applicant’s bank account number."यहां अपने बैंक खाता नंबर का उल्लेख करें।"

11.Bank IFSC Code : Fill the Applicant Bank IFSC Code. The IFSC code is printed on the Cheque Books."अपने बैंक IFSC कोड को यहां लिखें।"

12.Main Business Activity of Enterprise : Select the Main Business activity from the given options."अपनी मुख्य व्यावसायिक गतिविधि चुनें।"

13.Additional details about Business : Fill Additional details about business. (For example manufacturing of Food Products, Computer programing, Software development)"व्यवसाय के बारे में अतिरिक्त जानकारी भरें।"

14.Number of employees : Fill total number of people been employed."आपके संगठन में कार्यरत कर्मचारियों की संख्या का उल्लेख करें।"

How We Work?

file the registration form make the payment get the call from customers upload your documents udyog aadhaar application submitted congratulations your certificate will be sent to you


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Apply For Udyog Aadhar Certificate Registration Online

Considering the Indian Scenario many business falls under the category of MSME, simply MSME stands for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. The government of India has taken many bold steps for encouraging the MSME’S in India. For getting benefits of schemes launched by the government businesses are required to register itself under the MSME, for udyog aadhar registration online business owners need to follow the online procedure to apply for udyog aadhar online, process of application for udyog aadhar registration is very simple and totally online.

Further for applying to udyog aadhar online there is no need to submit any documents, simply we need to fill form for udyog aadhar certificate online and after successful verification from the concerned authorities udyog aadhar certificate will be generated online. We are the leading service providers in this area of udyog aadhar registration,

We provide end to end online services to Indian businesses for obtaining udyog aadhar registration certificate, udyog aadhar application form is provided on our website and any person who wants to apply udyog aadhar certificate needs to fill the form for udyog aadhar on our website. As the substantial part of the economy of India leads by the MSME and hence government is also promoting the small, micro and medium business but for getting benefits udyog aadhar registration is compulsory.

Aadhar udyog certificate will help business in many ways, having a udyog aadhar will result reduction in electricity bill also udyog aadhar application will help the business to apply for trademark in only 50% fees, many banks are giving priority to udyog aadhar registration certificate holder businesses for giving loans. We provide the online udyog aadhar registration services to customers by following the below procedure.

  1. Visit our website eudyogaadhaar.com for udyog aadhar application
  2. Fill up the form given on our website for udyog aadhar application online
  3. Confirm the details after filling the form for udyog Aadhar Certificate
  4. Complete the payment for udyog aadhar online
  5. Our executive will call you for processing of aadhar udyog application
  6. You will get your Udyog Aadhar Certificate on email.

Further we are providing the lifetime free support for udyog aadhar application online, applicant is required to pay once in a lifetime and any changes in udyog aadhar certificate will be free of cost, further aadhar udyog certificate is no expiry and its valid for lifetime. Udyog aadhar certificate will be issued by the Ministry. Further it is important to note here that Udyog aadhar/Udyam and MSME are the same, formerly udyam was known as udyog aadhar or udyog aadhar certificate but through notification government has changed the name to udyam and now udyog aadhar is known as udyam.

For applying online udyog aadhar there is no requirement of any documents, further while applying for udyog aadhar one should keep in mind that PAN and other details are required for the registration on the portal, in case of private limited company company’s pan is required further along with PAN aadhar number is also required for applying to udyog aadhar online, any of the director aadhar is required and company’s PAN is required, further for generating certificate of udyog aadhar we need to fill the form on the portal in order to getting aadhar udyog, while applying for udyog aadhar OTP verification is also mandatory, applicant is required to verify its aadhar while making application for the udyog aadhar registration online, verification shall be done initially while starting the application and also while submitting the udyog aadhar registration application OTP verification is required, further also at the time of printing or generating the udyog aadhar OTP verification is required.

Considering the facts udyog aadhar application process is slightly difficult and layman can face issues while filing the form for online udyog aadhar application, we as a consultants makes the process easier of making application for udyog aadhar, applicant is required to fill the form on website for online udyog aadhar, form is very simple and only basic details are required for the filling the form, after getting form from the customer for udyog aadhar we start process of udyog aadhar application online, we make OTP verifications on behalf of client and further we call to customer in order to verify the OTP, after successful verification for the udyog aadhar application we process further the udyog aadhar application, we fill all the details and generate the certificate of udyog aadhar registration form the portal, after generating the certificate of udyog aadhar we mail the said certificate to our customer and further we provide lifetime free support in terms of any modification, addition or deletion to the existing udyog aadhar application.

Udyog aadhar certificate is valid for lifetime and there is no any requirement of periodic renewal, further we can make changes to the existing certificate of uydog aadhar at any given point of time.

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